Coaching leaders to make major change that matters for good.

Coaching leaders on the precipice of possible.

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our philosophy

As humans, we’re wired to stay safe - to run from the grizzly and seek cover in the quake. That’s great in the wilderness and during natural disasters. But, we bring that wiring to our leadership every day.

We foresee danger in testing boundaries - so we stop before we start. We imagine honest conversations ruining relationships – so we stay quiet. We equate lack of knowing with inadequacy – so we posture. We protect ourselves so fiercely that we miss the opportunity to thrive.

That seems like a bit of a drag. And, it’s deeply human. To see possibilities instead of danger and opportunities instead of loss, we need help challenging assumptions that hold us back.

At Redcliff Coaching, leaders on the precipice of possible learn to detach from constraining beliefs, favor wondering ‘what if’ instead of feeding ‘can’t do’, identify creative possibilities, access untapped reserves of strength, align actions to values, and demand that fun participate in their leadership journey.


What we value

Compassion Supporting people to grow and change in how they  lead requires deep listening, empathy, understanding, and care.

Hunger Accessing that insatiable desire to learn, grow and refine one’s capacity for impact is human fuel.

Wonder Embracing possibility, as opposed to certainty, encourages optimism and hope and lets juicy things happen.

Levity Adding lightness and humor to intense work prompts creative insights, gives us perspective, alleviates stress, connects us with others, and makes leading far more enjoyable.

Gut Listening to it, speaking from it, and operating with it matters if we want to lead in unconstrained ways. It’s where honesty and courage come from, after all.


from our clients

Working with Chantal has been transformative for my ability to lead. She is a thought partner who pushes you to think beyond self-constructed limitations, opens your eyes to new possibilities, and cheers you on as you practice new skills. Her pragmatism and action-oriented approach make every session useful and immediately applicable.
— Diana Adamson, Executive Director, ScholarMatch
Chantal is marvelous! In 20 years of education I have never come across a more skilled and thoughtful facilitator. She is an artist when coaching and has an innate ability to ask the right questions while holding up a mirror to allow the client to make meaning for themselves.
— Shernice Lazare, Director, The New School of San Francisco
Through specific questioning techniques, visualizations, exercises, and targeted resources, Chantal helped me to significantly strengthen and clarify my leadership skills... Chantal is patient, compassionate, creative, and brings clarity and humor to every coaching interaction. I can’t recommend her highly enough!
— Jenny Mulholland-Beahrs,Founder, CA Outdoor Engagement Coalition
Chantal is a clear expert in her craft. She provided us with a personalized approach on how to bring our team forward, intact, during a major transition. We left our weekend retreat with clarity, purpose, and a renewed sense of commitment.
— Emily Lopez, Executive Director, LilySarahGrace Fund

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