about chantal

I’m enamored by people. I can’t help it. I’m compelled by people’s stories, curious about their motivations, in awe of their brilliance. And, I’m fascinated that we all have different experiences, baggage, and aspirations yet are so frequently constrained by the same thing: ourselves.  We limit and doubt ourselves so effortlessly that it becomes second nature. We’re not quite sure how else to be. I’ve spent my almost 20 year career helping people live and lead in the ways they most aspire – in spite of themselves.

I’m on a mission to get leaders out of their own way so they can access their greatest potential and profoundly and positively change their slice of the world.

I’ve supported senior leaders in all sectors - non-profit, corporate, start-up, and academia. And, given my insatiable hunger to learn and grow, I’ve spent much time developing skills and learning best practices in the realms of coaching, facilitation, and adult development to hone my approach and elevate my impact.

I am a Certified Professional Co-Active and Growth Edge coach, certified Immunity to Change Facilitator, and a certified Strengths Deployment Inventory facilitator. I’m also certified in the Leadership Circle Profile, a 360 assessment instrument. I’ve received extensive training from Cambridge Leadership Associates on Adaptive Leadership, from Coaches Rising on Adult Development, and from Echoing Green on the Work on Purpose curriculum. I co-authored the Stanford Social Innovation Review article Freeing the Social Entrepreneur and earned a BA from Georgetown University and an MBA from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business.

I’m also a proud Oakland, California resident where I live with my husband and three curious, hysterical, loving, imaginative, and at times emotionally volatile kids. Lucky me.


Why Redcliff?

At eight years old, I moved abroad to England to Sixty Six Redcliffe Road. My pre-adolescent self placed a higher premium on routine than cultural immersion; it’s safe to say I relished in hating my new reality.

Something shifted, though, when I stopped fearfully resisting the change in my life. I realized that exposure to another culture challenged my understanding of what I knew to be true and expanded my thinking. Being uprooted from the familiar reinforced that I can, at any moment, interrupt the predictable in favor of the possible: I can choose to move or stay, accept or transform, engage or shut down. The move illuminated that I have deeper wells of resilience than I realize and that resisting less and laughing more facilitates growth and creativity. At eight years old, living at Redcliffe Road taught me critical leadership lessons.

At Redcliff Coaching, we now share those lessons with leaders who are ready to make major change that matters.